Surface Finish Center

ACES and Universal Robot

ACES is a Certified Systems Integrator (CSI) for Universal Robots.



What does this mean?

ACES is trained to provide support for your Universal Robot, whether it is setting up, programming, troubleshooting, or advanced repairs. ACES is centrally located and may be easily reached for assistance with your system.

Is your company considering implementing a robot into a manufacturing, warehouse, processing, or any type of repetitive work case scenario? We can help you determine the optimal robot and end effector you may need to perform these functions as we partner with Universal Robots.

Software and Programming

Do you have reservations when it comes to deploying a robot? That is ok we understand. You may have questions like:

  1. How safe is this robot to work around?
  2. What are the limitations of a robot?
  3. Is a robot what I really need to perform this task?
  4. Once I get a robot, how do I program it?
  5. How much floor space is required for a robot?

There are many other questions, but these are some that could easily be overlooked when it comes to the hype and excitement of implementing new technology into your work environment. ACES wants to partner with you to make sure that once you make an investment like this, it does not become a fancy work of art sitting in the middle of your production floor. We want to assist, to ensure a full return on your investment and excited that you are one step closer to being the company on “the cutting edge” of technology within your industry.
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Surface Finish Center (SFC)

Our Surface Finish Center is the industry leading option when it comes to aircraft quality finishing. Designed with Aircraft interiors in mind the SFC’s quality, repeatability, and ease of use is going to change the way the industry thinks regarding the finishing process. NIAR (National Institute Aviation Research), WSU (Wichita State University) and ACES (American Control and Engineering Services, Inc.) have partnered to deliver this leading-edge technology at a time when SAFETY, QUALITY, COST, and DELIVERY come at a premium price.

With a goal to achieve 80% automated sanding and 20% human sanding in mind, this system marries the human and robotic life seamlessly. Ensuring that the process is still under the control of the operator.

Robotic Workstation Front View

Robotic Workstation Back View



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