Ovens Furnaces Autoclaves

Field Calibration

ACES can provide Field Calibration to SAE AMS2750, BAC5621 and many other standards for the aerospace industry. If a customer requires a different specification to be met, our personnel will go through the proper training to achieve that certification.

  • Instrument calibrations of controllers, recorders, and monitors
  • System accuracy tests of controllers, recorders and monitors
  • Temperature Uniformity Surveys of:
    • Autoclaves
    • Industrial furnaces and ovens
    • Composite Batch ovens
    • Conveyer ovens
    • Drop bottom furnaces
    • Drying Ovens
    • Freezers
    • Salt baths
    • Vacuum furnaces


Andrew loads the survey rack into the salt bath.

Andrew loads the survey rack into the salt bath.

Whether its fixing a jerky oven door or upgrading a PLC, we have both the mechanical and programming experience to bring your precision equipment back on line. Or if your furnace needs calibrating we’ll pull our metrology truck up to your door; it’s stocked with thermocouples, meters and cables — all the specialized pyrometric apparatus — and the Nadcap-trained personnel to to go along with it. Our engineers are fluent in all the major standards such as ANSI/NCSL Z540-94, SAE/AMS 2750D and NFPA 70, 79, 86, etc.

125 years of combined troubleshooting experience in a variety of real-life situations gives us the knowledge to solve the most challenging and sensitive heat treat problems, and our specialized equipment and trained personnel make repair and calibration a turnkey operation when you call ACES.


Ross demonstrates that surveys must be taken where the parts are placed.

Ross demonstrates that surveys must be taken where the parts are placed.

At ACES we’re more than just programmers; not only do we understand the language of bits and bytes, we understand the language of temperature gradients, thermal processes and how the heat flows — and we’re the interpreters between the two worlds. We can actually see what’s going on in the process and say Here’s how we need to change the control system to solve a mechanical problem.

From our years-long partnership with Niels Bogh of Bogh Industries, an expert in the heat treat industry, we’ve gained detailed knowledge of the thermal processing that takes place inside a furnace or oven. This, combined with our expertise in control systems makes us uniquely qualified to design and install new control systems or troubleshoot existing ones.


Heat treat
Composite cure
Service and maintenance
On-site field pyrometric calibration to AMS 2750D and BAC 5621 standards
Calibration to manufacturer’s specifications
Control system upgrades
Oven and furnace rebuilds