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UL 698A Control Panels


Rail Loading Station


UL698A Hazardous (Classified) Location Industrial Control Panels

ACES is a certified UL698A panel shop. That allows us to build Industrial Control Panels related to Hazardous (Classified) Locations in accordance with UL508A and UL698A standards. These industrial cabinets can use heavy-duty construction such as 1.5? thick cast aluminum studded with Grade 8 bolts to contain components in volatile environments. Such environments could include a flight line where planes are fueling, atmosphere heavy with paint vapors or the natural-gas-laden air surrounding oil fields.

  • Class I, Division 1
  • Class I, Zone 0 and Zone 1
  • Class II, Division 1
  • Class III, Division 1
  • Zone 20 and Zone 21