Safety Showers

Ready to Protect Employees at a Moment’s Notice

ACES safety shower

ACES safety shower

Many substances used in industrial processes are toxic to humans and can be readily absorbed through the skin. Petrochemicals, acid or base materials, corrosive substances, toxic chemicals and other strong irritants can cause serious, permanent harm to employees in as little as 10-15 seconds.

Even where safety showers are provided, employees have been further injured because they don’t feel safe disrobing due to hesitation over privacy, cleanliness or water temperature. Clothing traps the chemicals next to the skin and prevents the 15 minutes of continuous flushing needed to remove the corrosive compounds.

ACES provides a simple solution with safety showers that are always private, clean and filled with tepid water at the correct temperature of 60-100 degrees F.


Refrigeration units are commonly used to circulate and cool the water in the shower tank in hot climates, but these “chillers” are notorious for their maintenance headaches. We’ve engineered a solution for more moderate climates where temperatures only occasionally reach 100 degrees: We cool the exterior of the tank with standard panel air conditioners and eliminate the water chiller and its accompanying maintenance.


Safety shower sink

An inviting, clean environment provides reassurance during an emergency.

Nobody wants to completely disrobe and shower in an environment that’s dusty, sandy or rodent-infested. ACES safety showers boast an optional stainless steel interior — including a stainless floor pan with drain — self-closing doors and an ozone sanitizing system or optional chemical treatment system with replaceable pellet sanitizer.

For further comfort you can ask for the optional interior heating; and for energy savings the entire shower frame is heated except for the floor.

Control System

State-of-the art monitoring and control systems for the ACES’s safety shower include a digital level indicator, a simple heat controller, alarm light and horn with silence, motion-activated internal lighting and a malfunction alarm for temperature and level. A high quality painted steel exterior protects the insulation and internal systems from elements and rodents.

Your employees put their skin in the game and their health on the line every day for your company — protect them with the most efficient emergency shower system on the market. Give ACES a call today for a free estimate.