Stone Saw Retrofits

ACES has developed a control retrofit kit for Meyers and Standish Quarry Saw machines. With this kit, our customers have new upgraded controls without the cost of a new machine. The system comes preprogrammed and ready for installation. Any technician skilled in machine wiring and troubleshooting can install the kit. Our installation guide includes wiring diagrams and will show how to wire to your existing saw instrumentation. Our service engineers support your installation via phone and email.

Stone Saw RetroFit

This plan has two options:

  1. A kit consisting of completed cabinets ready to be mounted in the existing locations. Cabinets consisting of Allen Bradley PLC, PanelView 7 HMI, Yaskawa Servos and Motors, wiring diagrams, terminal strips and other small parts are shipped upon payment completion.
  2. Units can be shipped to our facility in Kansas and where our technicians retrofit the components described in option 1. Test and prepare unit for return.

Parts Include:

  • Allen Bradley 1769 CompactLogix PLC
  • Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 7, 9” screen
  • Yaskawa SigmaLogic 7 Compact Servo
  • Yaskawa SGM7A Servo Motor
  • Reversing Contactors
  • Motor soft starter
  • Ethernet switch for communication between devices
  • Terminals, din rail, wire, limit switches, cables and fittings required to reconfigure wiring
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Installation Guide

The kit and the installation plan is designed to reuse the majority of original wiring. Most of the field wiring devices are simply removed from existing plug locations and subsequently landed on the new terminals supplied in the kit. The installation requires technician to connect existing wiring and conduit to the new cabinet, terminals and PLC.

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Stone Saw RetroFit HMI Cabinet

Stone Saw RetroFit Cabinet

Stone Saw RetroFit Custom Screen