ITS International Thermal Systems Oven

  • Construction of oven began 4th quarter 2015 at ITS according to documentation. Unit was delivered to Wichita, KS in December 2015. We have original BOL from International Thermal Systems, LLC. 


  • The books, data sheets, electrical and mechanical drawings are on two ITS thumb drives that come with unit. 


    Design Data 

  • Temp Max 500 F Design 400

  • Load 15000 Lb 

  • Estimated Shipping Weight 30,000 LB 


    Utilities Required 

  • Electrical Service 480 /3/60 

  • KW 800 

  • FLA 1100 

  • SCCR Rating 10KAIC 

  • Compressed Air 6 SCFH @ 80 


    Fan Data 

  • CFM 50,000 

  • HP 50 


    Quick Cool Fan Data – For rapid cool down of parts 

  • CFM 13,200 

  • HP 7.5 


    Foot print 

  • Width 31′ – 5 1/5″ outside of panels plus apparatus 

  • Height of Door 24′ 


    Internal Work Space 

  • Approximately 18 x 18 x 10 High 


  • Work Zone Based on TUS – expected to be most of internal work space based on design and fan size. 


  • Call for dimensional details.


  • Ladder and handrails for fan access. All Steel Plate Floor. 


    This is a fantastic machine that is available for immediate delivery. It has 12 vacuum ports on each side of machine. The front door is 18 x 10 feet. It is a vertical lift air operated door. The lift door incorporates a walk door for easy entry. 


    The Control cabinet is a dream for operations. We design control systems for ovens and accept for a few minor changes we would design the system with exactly the same controls. 


    Control System Features: 

  • Allen Bradley 1756-L61 PLC and hardware 

  • Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 1500 15 inch monitor 

  • Allen Bradley Panel Mount UPS to keep controls alive during power failure. 


  • Eurotherm high limit control. 


  • Chessel 6180A Aerodaq – immediately puts data recording into SAE2750E compliance 


    Allen Bradley power components 

  • Breakers 

  • Contactors 

  • VFD for Fan Speed Control 


  • SCR Power Controller for temperature controller. 


    We provide full service installation from planning to TUS. Please contact us for details and discussion regarding installation and shipping.