A company that manufactures polymers and synthetic fibers had an old Control Techniques VFD that needed replacing due to environmental conditions.


When the ACES Control Systems Investigator (CSI) arrived on the scene, he discovered that the existing Control Techniques drive was much larger and heavier than the Yaskawa A1000, 250 HP VFD that was going to replace it.

This machine had 26 VFDs, all running on a DeviceNet network. When the CSI went to modify the communications to integrate the new drive, he found there was no documentation.


To address the large hole that was left by the old drive, the CSI designed and installed an adapter plate, and then cut out the center of the adapter plate and mounted the new drive with the heat sink on the outside of the control panel. When he finished the installation the control panel looked like it came from the factory with the Yaskawa VFD.

In order to add the new drive to the DeviceNet communications, the CSI had to rebuild the network and rewrite the PLC code to handle the new DeviceNet data map, a process that required some ingenuity to troubleshoot.

Because ACES, a Yaskawa Authorized Service Provider, installed and commissioned the new VFD, the factory warranty was doubled. In addition, the customer commented that the installation was extremely neat and professional, and they asked ACES to upgrade all the VFDs to the Yaskawa brand.

When you need new VFDs — whether it be a replacement with unexpected challenges or a new installation — give ACES a call.