TheAcesInc Social Networking Now Online

TheAcesInc Social Networking Now Online

With a redesigned website, American Control and Engineering Services, Inc. TheAcesInc Social Networking now online and ready for global outreach. The TheAcesInc just incorporated Social Networking into their tool bag in Q1 of 2015. This will greatly increase their customer service, global presence, and increase the bottom line.

The following sites have been created by @TheAcesInc #SocialNetworking and these sites will enable visitors to Like, Share, Retweet, or +1 to their favorite social media sites.

The Harvard Business Review Analytics Services recently conducted a survey of 2,100 organisations and discovered that 79% are currently using social media channels. They also asked them what they saw as the benefits of social media and here are the results and feedback from the real world.

The 12 Major Benefits Of Social Media

1. Increased awareness of the organisation

2. Increased traffic to website

3. Greater favorable perceptions of the brand

4. Able to monitor conversations about the organisation

5. Able to develop targeted marketing activities

6. Better understanding of customers perceptions of their brand

7. Improved insights about their target markets

8. Identification of positive and negative comments

9. Increase in new business

10. Identification of new product or service opportunities

11. Ability to measure the frequency of the discussion about the brand

12. Early warning of potential product or service issues

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 So to kick this off, please Like, Share, Retweet, or +1 to your favorite social media site.  Let us know what you think of the new redesign in the comments below.  Thank you for taking time out of your busy day, we greatly value your opinion.  With TheAcesInc Social Networking now online, we look forward to better serving you through this Social Media avenue.