FlexSteam Training Panel

FlexSteam Training Panel

Creating installation ninjas for your next control panel

Steam generators are highly complex systems with endless configurations to customize BTUs, fuel type, motor size, pump size, etc. ACES has already taken one step towards streamlining the process of installing new control systems on steam generators with our FlexSteam Control System — and now we’ve taken another important step by building a training control panel to educate our technicians and minimize unexpected errors and time-consuming setup in the field.

Our FlexSteam training panel is UL listed and features all the components necessary to run a steam generator, including a complete PLC that includes a processor, cards and VFDs (Variable Frequency Drive). It interfaces with a UV flame sensor and both RTDs and thermocouples.

This panel is also designed to accommodate an air conditioner in the event it’s purchased by a customer in a hot southern region — because one advantage of the training panel is that ACES now has a completed FlexSteam training panel on deck. With a few customer-specific customizations to parameters such as fuel type, steam quality and emissions efficiency, the panel can be quickly shipped out to the field.

But the real strength of the testing panel is the way that it puts ACES technicians through the paces of learning to operate and troubleshoot steam generator control systems.

With the help of an ACES-built steam generator simulator connected to the control panel, a trainee experiences a whole steam generator operation. With a real generator and burner simulated, he practices an actual generator startup in a safe environment. He actually lights the burner and revs up the feedwater pumps and tracks simulated steam conditions. This makes the panel a high-level training aid.

Now customers can be confident that ACES techs installing or troubleshooting their control systems are even more skilled and experienced. And ACES has a fully “wrung out,” and tested panel ready to go with a few customer modifications.

If you’re in the market for a complete steam generator control system paired with an efficient and trouble-free commissioning process, give the ACES FlexSteam Control System and the FlexSteam training panel a closer look.